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What does Building Insurance Claims?


This type of insurance covers loss or damage that occurs as a result of fire, explosion, bad weather, storms, flooding, earthquakes theft or attempted theft vandalism and subsidence and impact by vehicles or aircraft. It is possible to extend a buildings insurance policy to include other parts of your property, although this can cost more.

The cost of building insurance policy can start from e.g. £5 per month and it can increase depending on your property. There are different factors that could affect the cost of your policy. For example, consider the following points:

  • The structure and infrastructure of your property.

  • The age of your property.

  • The location of your property (postcode).

  • Your and partner’s age.

  • The number of bedrooms within the property.

  • The risk of flooding.


What could you get back?

If you would like to make a building insurance claim or you have previously attempted, but was rejected by your insurance provider then contact us to find out how we can help you. The amount of compensation you could get depends on following factors:

  • The amount of premiums you paid towards your building insurance.

  • If you have been charged any interest on the cost of your policy.

  • Some insurance providers would also pay an additional 8% interest.


  • You should try to tell accurate value of your goods.

  • Do not just choose the cheapest company for your insurance.

  • You should not try to fix/repair something first.

  • Report any changes immediately.

  • If theft is involved, you should call police and obtain the Crime Reference Number (CRN).

Can I make a claim directly to my provider insurance?

Yes. You can always make a complaint directly to your insurance provider without using a claims management company.
Here are some facts:

  • No Win No Fee – you may incur a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel after 14 days of signing the agreement

  • No Upfront charges.

  • Easy to start your complaint.

  • Free consultation on building insurance claims.

  • You will be kept updated automatically via SMS throughout every stage of your claim.

Accurate at 23/09/2017*

Do I have Building Insurance?

  • If you’re getting a mortgage, your lender will insist you’re covered to protect their investment.

  • The policy will probably need to run from the date you exchange the contracts right up to the end of the mortgage.

  • You’re not tied to a specific insurer for that length of time though, so feel free to shop around for better deals.

  • You might be offered buildings insurance by your mortgage lender, but you’re not obliged to take it, unless it’s part of a deal you signed.

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