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Mission, Vision & Values Statement


To play a key regulatory role in the financial and insurance services industry and to prevent & minimise mis-selling by the profit driven companies by holding them accountable for their actions.


To be the leading UK’s largest Financial & Insurance Claims Specialist Company. We are committed to helping our clients claim back what is rightfully theirs.



Provide an unrivalled level of customer service and expert knowledge of law to our clients.


We are passionate about continually developing our company, its services, operations and smart case handling artificial intelligence algorithmic systems to maximise the success rates for each of our cases. We put our heart into everything that we do to pioneer and lead the market by example. Inform our clients of the developments on their cases at each stage of the cases journey.


Since our incorporation in 2012 we have helped consumers claim back £ millions in compensation which they were rightfully due back from the banks and large multi national financial & insurance corporations. Conduct ourselves ethnically and responsibly through our continual operational & strategic development.

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