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5 Great Ways To Claim Your Money Back

Feeling ripped off by a shoddy service, or deceived by the banks? Here are a few actions you can take if you have experienced one of these situations

Mis-Sold Investments!

  • More and more customers of Banks and Building Societies and financial advisors are losing money on risky investments they were not properly advised about. This may sound very familiar to you. For example you may be close to retiring and you have received a large cash lump sum from a maturing pension or the sale of your house. It may have been the case that you simply saved up over your lifetime a nest egg for your retirement.

Mis-Sold Mortgages!

  • Some ways you might have been mis-sold a mortgage: Your mortgage end date is after your retirement date. You weren’t told about the commission the adviser would receive from the lender. You were advised to self-certify (borrow money without proving your income) or overstate your income in order to borrow more.

Mis-Sold Interest Rate Hedging Results!

  • Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHPs) are separate from the bank loan you may have taken out. Also known as Interest Rate Swaps or an Interest Rate Swap Agreement, there are a number of different IRHPs that banks have mis-sold to unsuspecting businesses and SMEs.

Mis-Sold Interest Rate Hedging Results!

  • Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you can’t have missed hearing about payment protection insurance (PPI).

Life Insurance / Critical Illness Cover Claims!

  • If the life insurance was through the person’s employer, then the employer will sort out the insurance claim and decide who gets the money. However, the person who died will have been asked to complete an ‘expression of wish’ form and, if that named you as beneficiary, usually you will receive the payout.


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