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So far the banks have paid out an astonishing £40bn to the consumers who were Mis-Sold PPI till this date, Barclays alone are setting aside another £600m just for the claims, Lloyds bank paying £20bn alone


Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an insurance policy that was intended to protect the consumer in the event they had been made redundant or could not work because of a sickness or illness.

Millions of these policies were sold throughout the UK. It was created with the intentions of offering an insurance policy to allow the consumer to protect themselves from loss of income when an unforeseeable event such as a sickness that prevented them from working or redundancy from affecting the consumers' ability to service the debt once they had lost their primary source of income.

The consumer would then be able to claim under the PPI policy and the policy would pay the debt for an agreed period of time.


Consumers were sold PPI policies that they would not need or which were not suitable for them as they were either ineligible to benefit from the policies sold to them or based upon the circumstances of the consumer it was not reasonable for them to ever obtain the policies.

Some of these PPI policies were so expensive that they could even cost up to 45% of the sum initially borrowed, this was because the bank would sell this policy at a price to the consumer and then add it to the debt. As the cost of the policy was added to the debt it would attract interest payments too.

It is very quick to check if you have been Mis-Sold PPI

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