Who is IronStone Legal and what is No Win, No Fee?

Established in 2012, we have an expert team specialising in suing banks and insurance firms for lousy advice; financial miss-sold and insurance claims on behalf of consumer’s, individuals and businesses.

We have built a reputation helping people who have been hit financially by their banks or insurance companies, whether it be a mortgage, loan or an insurance product. Many of our clients have chosen IronStone Legal for its commitment to delivering a high level of customer service and knowledge of the law.

The Ministry of Justice fully regulates ironstone legal, so every one of our customers is in safe hands knowing this. For us to investigate if you have ever been a victim to mis-sold PPI, please fill out this quick questionnaire and remember most of our best customers were curious enough to check, and they have received £1000's in compensation, don't put it off, start your claim today.

Ironstone Legal operates on a No Win, No Fee basis. We do not charge you anything unless you have received compensation. If for any reason, you are unsuccessful with any part of the claim process, you will not be charged a penny, if you are successful and receive compensation, Ironstone legal charge only 20% plus 4% VAT of the total claim.

If you have already started to fill in the quick questionnaire but got stuck at any point, please have a look at the answers to the most common questions below -

To start the claim process simply fill in this quick questionnaire below.


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