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Packaged Bank Account Claims

Was Your Packaged
Bank Account Mis-sold?

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Find Out if You Can Reclaim Your Monthly Packaged Bank Account Fees Now!

Ever had to pay a monthly fee for a Packaged Bank Account?

No Upfront Costs

Reclaim What Could Be Rightfully Yours

If you decide to make a claim through IronStone Legal, we aim to recover 100% of any premiums that you have paid, plus any interest paid on those premiums and where possible a further 8% in statutory interest.

Our largest mis-sold packaged bank account refund to date (excludes any deductions or our fees)


PBA Claim

What Exactly is A Packaged Bank Account


Over 10 million Packaged Bank Account (PBA) have been opened in the UK. PBA are bank accounts with fancy names such as "Platinum, Gold, Silver" which could include perks such as car breakdown cover, travel insurance,  mobile phone insurance, overdraft facilities etc.

These accounts could cost £5-30 per month for the "
privilege" of having such an account. That adds up to £360 a year for benefits you probably would have never utilised or used £360 worth of benefits per year. These fees are charged automatically to your account every month.

Many consumers unknowingly have opted into such PBA's and as a result are unaware that they are being charged. This is what is known as mis-selling by the banks. If you think you have been mis-sold, then this is something we can check for you and help you get your money back. 

Many of the consumers who opted for these types of packaged accounts are still ineligible to claim/benefit under the account because their phone or car wasn't registered accordingly with the bank or because of a number of other restrictions in the small print of the account which the consumer did not check. This is all usually a result of poor advice from the banks or building society in not following  FCA guidelines and policies when advising and selling the packaged accounts. In other words, banks have a bad habit of recommending the wrong products (as we previously saw in the PPI mis-selling scandal) to consumers who rely on their professional advice and input  For this reason, one has a very good chance to claim back all their money together with statutory interest.

Since 2012 we have been assisting consumers claim back fees they paid for their packaged accounts.


Whether you are still paying or you have paid for a packaged bank account, we could help you to get back your money as far back as six years. Irrespective of your accounts being open or closed. Irrespective if the PBA payments have ended. Irrespective if you have moved abroad. Whether you bank with Barclays, NatWest, HSBC or other named banks, we want you to get in touch with us today to help us find out if you are eligible to claim your money back!

A Quick COMparison


Bank account

Free Everyday Banking

Cash Withdrawals

Option to Apply for an Overdraft​



Packaged Bank Account

Same Features as Normal Account

Added Perks. e.g. Travel, car breakdown cover, phone insurance and more.


£5-30 per Month


Packaged accounts offer a range of extras in exchange for a monthly fee.

The benefits vary by account, but you can often get:

Mobile Phone Insurance
Travel Insurance
Car Breakdown Cover
Card Protection
& More!

Can I Claim?

An estimated 1 in 5 customers was mis-sold their account when they were pressured or misled by the bank.

You may have valid grounds to make a claim if;

  • The bank/provider did not tell you that you could have a fee-free account instead.

  • You have tried to cancel or downgrade your Packaged Bank Account (PBA) but you were told you cannot.

  • If your bank account was upgraded without your consent.

  • You were told that you would have a better chance of obtaining a loan if you have a PBA.

  • You were told that the PBA was mandatory.

  • You were told that your credit score would improve drastically if you have a PBA.

  • You didn’t know you had a PBA and that you were paying a monthly fee.

  • You have been falling into financial difficulties as a result of your PBA.

  • The bank staff didn’t explain how the insurance policies worked under the PBA.

  • The bank staff didn’t discuss and explain your needs and objectives accurately.

  • The benefits of the PBA were not suitable for your needs. e.g. Had Car breakdown cover, Travel Insurance but did not own a vehicle or ever travel.

  • You were living abroad at the time the PBA was sold to you. You may not have been able to benefit from the Insurance policies on the PBA

  • Bank of Scotland; Gold Account, Select Account, Platinum Account, Premier Account

  • Barclays Bank; Additions, Additions Active, Additions Plus, Current Account Plus, First Additions, Premier Life (Barclays Travel Pack or Teck Pack is excluded from our service)

  • Co-operative Bank; Privilege Account, Privilege Premier Account

  • First Direct; First Directory, 1st Account

  • Halifax; Ultimate Reward Current Account

  • HSBC; Advance,Passport

  • Lloyds; Gold account, Platinum account, premier account, select account, silver account, vantage account

  • Marks & Spencer; Premium current account

  • NatWest; Select Silver Account, Select Platinum Account, Black Account, Advantage Gold Account

  • Royal Bank of Scotland; Silver account, reward current account, reward platinum account, black account

  • Santander; Reward Current Account, Family Reward Current Account, Premium Current Account

  • TSB; Silver added value account

  • Ulster Bank; ufirstgold current account

  • Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank; Signature account, private account

Here are some of the packaged accounts offered by the banks if you have held any of these then you can claim;

Why Choose Us?

No Hidden Charges

We value your trust and keeping our integrity.

We charge a maximum fee of 36% (including VAT) of the compensation you receive before any deductions. The higher your compensation is the lower our fee is, see our TCs for more information.

No Upfront Fee

We Don't Charge ANY Upfront Fees to Start Your Case(s)

You do not have to enter in to a contract with us. You can make a claim yourself to the company or to the compensation scheme (if the company is no longer trading) and you could refer the claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are not happy with the lender’s response all without incurring our fee.

Get Compensated

Receive additional 8% Statutory Interest compensation per annum for every year since the mis-sale took place

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