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Reclaim What's Rightfully Yours!

Were you given advice to invest in an unregulated investment scheme which promised excellent returns?

No Upfront Costs

The Eligibility Check is a free, standalone service. Should you then pursue any claims found, we work on a strictly no-win, no-fee* basis.

Sit Back & Relax

If you decide to make a claim through IronStone Legal, we aim to recover 100% of what is yours, doing all the legwork and handling all the paperwork so you don't have to.

Can I Make a Claim?

If you have lost money or been badly advised on an investment product or savings, we could help you to claim back thousands of compensation.


Over the last couple of years, the most common mis-sold investments we have encountered are the following:

Corporate Bond


Mis-Sold Investment Bonds

Mis-Sold Bank


Investment Scams



Store Pods

Contracts For Difference (CFDs)

Forex Trading

& More!

How Can We Help?

We Can Help You if…
Your bank/lender have not discussed the advantages and disadvantages of your product in detail.

The bank/lender limited access to your money after you were told you would have full access at a later date.

You have not been advised or sold by a bank or building society.

You have not been told of the risks involved.

You have not been told how your money would be invested.

Your bank/lender did not discuss alternative products with you.

Your bank/lender did not take your personal situation into account properly (e.g. your age).



Your bank/lender should determine your personal circumstances into account properly and recommend a financial product that is appropriate for you.

What's Next?


Once you receive your claim pack, complete one form per account and return in the enclosed PREPAID envelope.


We will check your eligibility to claim.


We then handle all the necessary documentation and legwork, you'll receive live SMS updates on the case(s).

Why Choose Us?

No Win No Fee*

We only charge once you win your claim. So if we don't claim anything, you don't pay us a penny.

Peace of Mind

You can cancel within the first 14 days without incurring any cancellation fees.

No Hidden Charges

We value your trust and keeping our integrity.

We charge a success fee of 30% + VAT (36% in total)


Proven track record and thousands of customers

No Upfront Fee

Working on a strictly No Win No Fee basis you can begin your claims check(s) for absolutely FREE

Got Further


If you're still looking for answers or need more information about our services, visit our FAQ page by clicking the button below

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