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I am a British Expat living abroad, can I claim back my PPI?

More than 4.5 Million British Expats live abroad with more than 1.3 million in Europe alone. Many Expats took out Mortgages, loans or credit cards while they were living in the UK and most are wondering are they entitled to claim? The answer is YES, Ironstone Legal has helped 1000's of Ex-Pats claim back mis-sold PPI and can go as far back as 35 years.

If you used to live in the UK and held a Mortgage, Credit Card or Loan in the last 35 years, then you could be entitled to compensation. The first step is to establish if you had PPI and any old agreements. Don't worry if you left the UK many years ago, as long as you remember the Bank or Lenders name and the address where you were registered with them; then we can help you claim.

The process is very simple, fill in the quick questionnaire below and we will post your claim pack to your address abroad and we will even pay for the postage to be returned. Once we receive your claim pack back, we can normally establish if you had PPI on any old accounts usually within 7 days, and then we will process your claim.

Just click the link below, fill out the quick questionnaire and we will post out your claim pack out straight away, no matter where you are in the world

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