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I don't have any account numbers for my old accounts, can I still claim?

Firstly, do not worry if you do not know any old account numbers, we do not need any of these numbers to claim compensation for your miss-sold PPI Insurance. The only time this is necessary if the brand does not recognise the address you put down as a registered address with the brand. So taking the time to remember which address you were living in while banking with each brand would avoid us needing any old account details.

If you are on the form and somehow it is asking you to submit an account number, it is usually due to that you have had a Packaged Bank Account. We can also claim back miss-sold packaged bank accounts, and this is why the questionnaire is asking for this information. Remember if you don't know, write "I do not know" in the field and move onto the next question.

Here are some other common questions that our best clients ask -

Let's complete the quick questionnaire below and start your PPI claim.

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