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I don't remember any of my UK address(s) can I still claim?

Most of our best clients are Ex-Pats and moved abroad from the UK many years ago. If you are anything like them, which I am sure you are, you have reached the stage in the form that asks for your UK addresses where the brands would have you registered and given up because you can't remember. We don't expect you to remember these, so please use our UK Address finder tool, as soon as you start typing your old street name, it will give you the full address including the postcode. If you have numerous addresses in the UK? Just repeat the process using our Address finder tool for each UK address, and it's as simple as that.

Ironstone Legal is one of the very few UK Claims Management Companies willing to help Ex-Pats like yourself claim £1000's in compensation for the miss-selling of PPI insurance policies on your UK bank and lending accounts.

Now we have shown you how to overcome this struggle of remembering your old UK address, here is the link to continue filling in the quick questionnaire. If you are still stuck below are some answers to more common questions.

Let's get started by completing the quick questionnaire below.

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